Goose Lake dog training grounds

IMG_2887Goose Lake Entrance

Location: Goose Lake training grounds are located at 15077 Main Drain Road, Wasco, California.  It is about 3 miles south east of the intersection Interstate 5 and State Highway 46 in Lost Hills, California.


History: Goose Lake was opened in March 2004 under a use agreement among the California Retriever Training Association (CRTA) and the California Conservation Fund (CCF), Colly Houchin Trading Company, and Tracy Ranch.   In January of 2018, ownership of the land was transferred to the California Waterfowl Association.  The use agreement with CRTA remained in effect.  In May of 2018, the CRTA 2018 Role & Rules were modified for the first time to allow a non-retriever club, Central California NAVHDA, to join CRTA as member clubs and use Goose Lake for its NAVHDA training meetings and tests.  As such, NAVDHA-recognized versatile breeds were also allowed to purchase Goose Lake memberships and use Goose Lake on an unlimited basis (without interfering with reserved training and test dates).

Goose Lake Grounds Area Map

Facts:  The Goose Lake training grounds consist of 439 acres of ponds and upland terrain.  During training days (and other days for CRTA Goose Lake members), as long as not interfering with other users of Goose Lake, the members can use all filled ponds and upland terrain identified as T1 through T10 north of Houchin Lake and the dirt road on the map below.  Torrey Pond (T5) is usually filled year round with Daley Pond (T10) and Kolstad Pond (T9) filed as needed to conserve costs of keeping water in the ponds, which has to be pumped from underground.

Goose Lake Training Areas Map


CRTA Rules Governing Goose Lake (as taken from section IV(A) of the 2018 CRTA Roles and Rules)

  1. Goose Lake grounds open for training from one-half hour before sunrise to one- half hour after sunset.
  2. Only CRTA members, and member clubs’ members on club training days, are permitted to use CRTA grounds, with the exception of guest use in accordance with [CRTA] ..Role & Rules.  NOTE: Central California NAVDHA is a member club.
  3. Each member and guest must sign in at the entry kiosk each day prior to using the grounds.  Upon completion of use each day, each member and guest must sign out at the kiosk.
  4. Prior to entry onto and use of the ground each year, each member and each guest shall sign and deliver a CRTA-approved form of “hold harmless” agreement protecting the property owners and CRTA and their respective officers, directors and employees from property damage and public liability.
  5. Cars and trucks must remain on established roads and parking areas.  In wet weather cars and trucks must remain on all-weather (gravel) roads and parking areas.
  6. Central California NAVHDA, Inc.’s insurance policy does not cover the use of ATV’s.  So, no ATV use is permitted on CRTA grounds for Central California NAVHDA, Inc.’s training days and events.  ATV users that are members of CRTA and using the Goose Lake Grounds as a CRTA user may use ATVs.  ATV users must operate ATV’s safely and be respectful of the habitat.
  7. All closed gates must be reclosed, and all locked gates must be relocked after passing through.
  8. Special care must be observed concerning smoking and the use of matches.  In addition, no smoking is allowed on CRTA grounds during the dry season except inside vehicles.
  9. All garbage, debris, shell casings, and other trash must be picked up immediately and properly disposed of in trash receptacles or removed from the grounds.  Used dog box bedding must be removed from the grounds and may not be dumped on the grounds at any time.
  10. All blind markers, “no-birds,” and any other items used for training must be removed from the field at the end of the training session.  “Lost and Found” items may be left at/claimed at the entry kiosks.
  11. Lead shot is not to be used on any CRTA property.
  12. No hunting for wild birds or animals is permitted by CRTA members on the grounds.
  13. Motorized equipment shall not be driven on observation mounds.
  14. The maximum speed allowed is … 15 MPH.
  15. “Roading” dogs (exercising dog from a moving car or truck) is not allowed.
  16. Puppies under the age of seven weeks are not allowed on CRTA grounds.  Puppies shall not be whelped on the grounds.
  17. The storage containers including the bird freezers located in containers, the bird pens, and the parking areas in the Goose Lake Area Caretaker’s area are not available for CRTA Member use other than use by an event-hosting Member Club during licensed events held at Goose Lake and to access the kiosk, portable toilet and dumpster.
  18. CRTA Members may install temporary bird pens and one community bird freezer (freezer shall be available to any CRTA Member) at Goose Lake in the areas designated by the Area Caretaker.
  19. Part or all of the grounds may be closed by the management of CRTA on a limited number of occasions for maintenance or other special occasions.
  20. Guests of members must be accompanied by their Member host at all times.  Children under the age of 18 of members are considered guests of the members when on the grounds.  Members are solely responsible for the minor’s safety and conduct.  Minor children must wear safety glasses and ear protection when shooting or throwing.



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